Ray Huxen

Ray began his training in Judo in 1994 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He joined the Gentle Wind Judo club with his brother, Ron Huxen. In 1995, he moved to Philadelphia and joined the Philadelphia Judo Club. He continued his training under head instructor Art Bourgeau. After 15 years of competing and eventually as the assistant coach, he was promoted to yodan (fourth degree black belt). Over the years his competition highlights include silver and bronze medals at Judo Nationals in the Masters division, a first and several second place finishes at the Am-Can International Judo challenge, multiple medals at the Liberty Bell Judo Tournament as well as numerous other medals from tournaments at the regional level.

In 1998, he began cross training in brazilian jiu jitsu. In 2005, after consistent success in competition in BJJ, winning and placing at Grapplers Quest, NAGA, and many national events, he was awarded his brown belt. His competitive history in BJJ include a gold and silver medal at the Pan-Ams as a brown belt, multiple time Relson Gracie National championships as a blue and purple belt, multiple time Grapplers Quest and NAGA medalist as a Purple and blue belt, and Saulo Ribeiro Association National Purple belt champion. In 2013, after over seven years as a brown belts and 17 years of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Ray received his BJJ black belt from Jared Weiner, the head instructor at BJJ United and leader of TAC Team BJJ. 

In 2009 after 27 years as head instructor, Art passed the title of head instructor of the Philadelphia Judo Club to Ray. He becomes the tenth head instructor in the sixty year of history of the Philadelphia Judo Club. Ray looks forward to continuing the high standards set by his predecessors and assisting the members of the club meet their potential in every way possible. He also intends to continue his career as an active competitor in both judo and brazilian jiu jitsu.

Alma Qualli

Alma has been a part of the Philadelphia Judo Club for more than 21 years. She is the assistant head coach, 4th degree black belt, state, national, and international former competitor and medalist. Current USJA certified coach and kata coach, Steve Maxwell strength and conditioning certified personal trainer, kettlebell level 2 trainer, and Masters degree candidate. She has 15 years experience teaching judo and 8 years as a personal trainer.

Alma is a blue belt in BJJ (approximately 4 yrs of experience including bronze at Pan Ams), 1st degree brown belt in Tomiki Aikido (approximately 3 yrs experience). She has coached and is currently coaching judoka to national level kata competition. She administers cruel and fun kettlebell classes at Osagame. She loves to surf, travel, fine dine, and go to the movies. Her goal is to help people actualize their full potential through physical culture.

Alma coaches at tournaments, and regularly goes to workshops and clinics for continued education in judo and fitness as a practitioner and coach/instructor. She has been involved in promotion of judo and fitness through media by participating in Be Well (Phila Magazine) expo for women, Jane Bridge Film about Judo, and Steve Maxwell Fitness DVDs. She was formerly awarded Best Of from Philadelphia Magazine for her kettlebell classes.

Alma's favorite technique is tai otoshi and juji gatame. Her heroes are Yamashita, Inoue, Rousey, Jane Bridge, Celita Schultz, Koga, Joe Condello, Art Bourgeau, Rich Callahan, and T. Ishikawa.


Eric Silverman

Eric began his Martial Arts training in college where he trained Tae Kwon Do. Shortly after college he stumbled along a BJJ school in Hamilton NJ and never looked back. A few years into his BJJ training his job and his life took him to South Jersey and a new club to train under. It was here that he found The Philadelphia Judo Club. Eric went from White Belt to Judo Black under Ray Huxen, Art Bourgeau and Alma Qualli.

Eric was a Blue Belt in BJJ when he started cross training in Judo. He started training Judo for the sole purpose of improving his standup conditioning for BJJ tournaments. He immediately saw a huge improvement in his standup technique and was pleasantly surprised by how much Judo helped his ground game as well. To this day Eric credits Judo with helping him make the leap from Blue Belt to Purple Belt.

Eric is currently a Black Belt in Judo and Jiu Jistu, and Osagame BJJ Assistant Instructor. His competitive Judo and BJJ career includes multiple medals throughout his career in both Judo and Jiu Jitsu. Eric has medaled at Naga, Grapplers Quest, The Good Fight, Philadelphia Cup and multiple Saulo Ribeiro Association tournaments. He has also accumulated a long list of medals at the following Judo tournaments: Princeton Judo Invitational, Easterns, Maryland Open, Liberty Bell, Beltsville and many more.

Most notable Eric won a streak of Gold medals at the IBJJF NY International Open.
2011 - Purple Belt NY Open Gold
2012 - Brown Belt NY Open Gold
2013 - Brown Belt NY Open Double Gold
2014 - Brown Belt NY Open Double Silver

Eric's teaching philosophy strongly emphasizes cross training between Judo, BJJ, and overall physical conditioning. Eric continues his BJJ training under Black Belts Ray Huxen and Jared Weiner and his Judo training under Black Belts Ray Huxen, Art Bourgeau and Alma Qualli.


Eric Johnson

Eric has been involved in martial arts for most of his adult life.  A practitioner of Judo andBJJ for over 20 years, Eric is the main instructor of the Kids BJJ program and has developed most of the curriculum.  In his spare time, Eric likes to collect Shoyoroll gis, work with his hands, and hang out with his dogs.    '

Eric is a Shodan (1st Dan) in Judo and a BJJ Blackbelt.





Ron Huxen

Having recently returned from the much sunnier Hawaii, Ron is a highly decorated competitor in both Judo and BJJ.  Ron began his Judo career in Louisiana with his brother (Ray).   After making the move to Philly, Ron also took up BJJ with Ray in the late 90's.  A very successful competitor, Ron brings  a unique perspective to the Osagame family.

Ranked San-Dan (3rd dan) in Judo and 4 Stripe Brown Belt in BJJ.




Scott Sorrentino

Scott is a 1st degree black belt in Judo and the assistant Children's Judo instructor.






Beth Goldstein-Huxen

A former competitive natural bodybuilder and personal trainer, Beth is also one of the owner/operators of Osagame.  She has a long history in personal training; 5 years ago she expanded to teaching Kettlebell classes as well.

A Math teacher by Profession, Beth is a Brown Belt (Sankyu) in Judo and a Blue Belt in Jiu-Jitsu.  She competes in BJJ and in Judo Kata.





Lawrence "Lee" Wentz

Lee is a certified Judo Instructor and Nidan (2nd degree black belt) in Judo and a Brown Belt in BJJ.  Lee typically runs our Sunday No-gi class.  Lee likes to bike to and from all of his classes all the way from Germantown.   







Art Bourgeau

In 1983, Art became the 9th head instructor of The Philadelphia Judo Club and led the club for the next 25 years. Currently considered the "Professor Emeritus" of the Philadelphia Judo Club, Art comes in whenever he can and provides his insights from decades of Judo and Martial Arts experience.  He is a great judoka, teacher, and story-teller (see his telling of our club's history), and an inspiration to every member of Osagame from white belt to black belt.