On Reopening :

Hey everyone, 

It has been a full day getting the club ready to reopen. Thanks to Andrew and Loc, who came and worked for hours helping get the place ready for tomorrow and thanks to Josh, who is still working right now to get a sign up portal for classes). 

First the basics. Everything we are doing has two purposes, trying to keep all of our members safe and meeting the requirements that allow us to open the club. 

Masks are required to enter Osagame, they are required in the common areas and they are required to enter the mat. No exceptions. 

We worked today to get as much space available on the mat as possible. Distancing btw students is mandatory. Be mindful of your surroundings and give each other space. 

We will have a sign in sheet for classes. Signing in to the class you’re taking is mandatory.

Class size will be capped at 10 participants as mandated by the city.

We have a new scheduling site for you to reserve class spots. If you are a returning member that information was mailed out to you on Sunday, July 19. Our new Schedule will follow the grid at the bottom of this letter.

Please do your best to navigate this site to reserve your spots in classes. If you can’t navigate the site then text Ray at 267-997-4260 or email him at and he will help. 

If a class fills up, and you would like to be placed on the waiting list text Ray to let him know and he’ll put you on the waitlist. If we get a cancellation we’ll put you into the class.  Alternatively, if there is time and demand for a class later that same night we will try to put together a second class for that night.  Remember, we can only have 10 people in any given class, but we can run several classes if the demand is there. (For example: if we fill the 7:00 Monday night BJJ class  and there are still 8 people who wanted to come to class, we’ll try to also run an 8:30 class for the 8 people who couldn’t come to the 7:00 class).

We want to give as many people the opportunity to come to class as possible while also allowing individuals to come to as many classes as they would like.  Sometimes that may be a difficult balance to find, we ask everyone to be patient with us as we work towards that goal.

We also ask that Fundamentals students have first crack at attending Fundamentals  classes. If we have open spots in that class, then senior students are still welcome to attend, but we ask that senior students don’t sign up for Fundamentals classes until the day of that class.

Keeping our classes at the right size means people need to sign up beforehand, so we ask that if you sign up for a class you do your best to make it to that class.  We do, however, understand that life is sometimes unpredictable and so we have put a little wiggle room into our cancellation policy.  We have a 12 hour cancellation policy, which means you must cancel within 12 hours of the scheduled class or you will be charged.  But we know that life can be unpredictable and so your first cancellation is free.  A no show will be considered a cancellation without notice.

Please do not share this scheduling link beyond Osagame members. We don’t want random jerks signing up for classes they don’t intend to take.    

There have been some modifications to the schedule. The new schedule is listed on the link sent out to returning students. If you have a question about the classes on the schedule, email or text Ray

No kids class tomorrow. We still have too much work to do to be ready for tomorrow night. 

Parents, please contact us to let us know when and if your children will be returning to class. We want to get the kids classes up and running It will help us make the schedule to know which of the kids will be in the classes.

Adults must wear rash guards. 

Loaner gis are only for new students in their first week of Fundamentals. If you need more gis we can and will get them for you at our wholesale price. Talk to Ray or Beth. We also have some former loaners and overstock that we are selling at a discount. Inquire with us. 

We are trying to build time in the schedule to wash the mat btw classes. please be considerate of the class preceding and following the class you’ve done. 

If you are unwilling to join the regular class but would like to train, we will conduct semi private pod classes for 2-4 students. They will be conducted as requested and as they can be scheduled. Put together your pod and talk to Ray about scheduling the class.  A pod semi-private can be taught by either Ray or Ronnie, but Ray will do the scheduling.

We will have payments done on a class by class basis for the rest of July. If you have been able to support us during the past few months, we will deduct class fees from the contributions you have made. Other wise we will ask that you pay for the class before it begins. You can bring cash, have your card charged, or pay via venmo or cashapp.

Class prices for the rest of July are
Fundamentals – $15
Regular classes – $20
Semi privates for 4 participants – $25 per participant
Semi privates for less than 4 participants – $35  per participant

The rest of July will be a bit of a test on how we can conduct a reopening. Please be patient with us. Email or text me crucial questions or suggestions. 

Our goals are to keep all of our community safe and to get Osagame open and keep it that way while weals get you as much mat time as is possible. I know all of you will do everything you can to help us achieve those goal.

We’re very excited to open back up and see you.  We understand that some people aren’t comfortable returning just yet, and we’ll have to wait a little while to welcome them in person.  Despite my 25 years of Judo and BJJ, this is new ground. We will do the best we can to accommodate you while respecting what has always been the most important thing we do, keep our students (and instructors) safe. Please be patient with us as we navigate this new ground.

We can’t wait to see you

Ray, Ron & Beth   

Osagame Schedule 5:21.png