Osagame Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Green & Yellow Patch


Osagame BJJ Patch: Boost your gi’s look with vibrant green & yellow embroidery. Durable twill; 3″ dia. Iron, sew, or pin on. Roll in style!

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Roll in style with the “Osagame Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Green & Yellow Patch”! This slick embroidery isn’t just a visual armbar for your outfit, but it’s also woven from tough twill, ready to withstand the heat of intense sparring sessions. Crafted with the perfect blend of cotton and polyester, it’s the right weight for your gi or everyday wear. Slap it on and elevate your BJJ swagger!

• Composed of a smooth 26% cotton and a durable 74% polyester blend
• Measures a solid 3″ (7.6 cm) across – not too big, not too small, just like that sweet spot in side control!
• Flex your attachment game: go for the classic sew-on, the quick iron-on, or rock it temporarily with a safety pin.

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