Osagame BJJ – Men’s Ranked Rash Guard Blue


Embrace blue belt growth with the Osagame BJJ Men’s Ranked Rash Guard in Blue! 🥋 Enjoy adaptability, top-notch protection, and advancing style! 🚀

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Embrace the journey of refinement and growth with the “Osagame BJJ – Men’s Ranked Rash Guard in Blue”! 🥋 As a blue belt, you’re on the path of deepening your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills, and this is your ideal companion. 🤼‍♂️

• Made with 82% polyester and 18% spandex, move with the curiosity and agility of a blue belt, exploring and expanding your repertoire of techniques. 🌿
• The superbly soft four-way stretch fabric is as adaptable as your growing skill set, supporting your movements and transitions on the mat. 🔄
• Enjoy the UPF 50+ protection, guarding you as you hone your defense and offense in sparring sessions. 🛡️
• The extended body and sleeves provide the comfort and coverage needed as you advance in complexity and finesse. 🤗
• Flat seam and coverstitch ensure smoothness and focus as you delve deeper into your BJJ journey. 🌊

Equip yourself with the “Osagame BJJ – Men’s Ranked Rash Guard in Blue,” symbolizing your commitment, progress, and the exhilarating path of continuous learning in BJJ! 🚀

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