Osagame BJJ – Turtle Logo Drawstring Bag


Osagame BJJ Turtle Logo Bag: Grapple on-the-go with a bag as steadfast as the turtle guard. 15″×17″, dual handles. Safeguard your gear in style.

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Osagame BJJ – Turtle Logo Drawstring Bag: Dive deep into your BJJ passion with a drawstring bag that’s as iconic as the turtle guard itself! Designed for fighters on-the-go, this bag sports a classic turtle emblem, echoing the resilience of your ground game. Whether you’re toting your gi or daily essentials, sling this over your shoulder and represent BJJ wherever you roll.

• Crafted from steadfast material, ready to endure your training regime
• Dimensions: 15″ × 17″ – roomy enough for your combat essentials
• Dual cotton handles, offering a grip as strong as your chokeholds
• Trustworthy drawstring closure, keeping your belongings guarded.

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